The Fotodoks main exhibition ME:WE at the Lothringer13 Halle is on show from October 12 until November 26, 2017. An additional exhibition at the Amerikahaus completes this year's Fotodoks program in Munich.


Lothringer13 Halle & Rroom

The connection between the individual, the “Me“ and the collective, the „We" describes a dynamic movement in both directions. A balance arises when both have enough space to unfold. Together with the partner country USA, Fotodoks focuses on this tension on a personal, political and media level. Photographical positions tell of personal contacts, between the photographer and the intimate or unfamiliar portrayed, as well as amongst strangers. Projects document that even communities that are linked to each other due to negative signs can be hopeful. Political commitment is shown by unconventional perspectives. There are no limits to the forms of representation of the documentary; they are poetic, artistic, scenic and the transitions are fluid, in motion.

Additional exhibitions

  • Amerikahaus — October 13 - December 22

    unitedstates pt.2 – Mark Steinmetz

    In his home country USA, Mark Steinmetz's work is represented in all the important collections of contemporary photography. In Europe, his works are known almost exclusively to specialists. With this first comprehensive exhibition in Germany, the Amerikahaus presents this fine-minded and loving photographer with a selection of his works from over three decades and gives insight into all 12 monographs published so far.

    Mark Steinmetz fascinates as an attentive chronicler who, with his pictures in unobtrusive narratives, describes the leisurely, American everyday life. He shares with us American encounters, which are characterized by curiosity, respect and restraint and bear witness to human attachment. This is reason enough to lose oneself in these photographs.