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Thomas Dworzak: Instagram Books

Mr. Magnum president Thomas Dworzak presents his rare *Instagram Books*.

Lothringer13 Halle

Thomas Dworzak, president of the Magnum agency, is not only present in the Fotodoks exhibition with his work *Pokémon Go*, but also brings us his rare *Instagram Books*.

What started out of boredom in 2013 with an Instagram-hashtag-and-absurdity-image-search after the election of Pope Francis, soon turned into a serious activity of collecting and editing: "I discovered this whole universe of people all over the world connected by hashtags." Fascinated by the immediacy and proximity of the photos and driven by the need to get hold of the overflowing imagery and preserve it, Dworzak decided to give his screenshot collections a physical objectivity and durability. Put together thematically by hashtags, his books include serious and easy subjects ranging from #gun to #russianwintersarecoldandmurderous. Under #REARWINDOW they gather pictures that were posted after the attack at the Boston Marathon, while the last book #MeinCoif is dedicated to the hair of Donald Trump.

The 20 Instagram books exists in a small edition of 5: two were sold, one is at Magnum in New York, one in Paris - and one at Fotodoks 2017.