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Final Weekend

Um Euch den Abschied bis zum nächsten Festival zu erschweren, gibt's noch viel Fotodogs am 25. & 26. November 2017!


Last weekend of the Fotodoks ME:WE exhibition means opening up the bubbles and once again cheering to Contemporary Documentary Photography and in particular to the wonderful photography that is present in the Lothringer13 Halle. Kind of a farewell festival: In the program you will find royal tunes, layered performance, hot and spicy food for the cool pack, records will spin for a while under valued hands and there will be rare photo books to buy and the Fotodoks catalogue that is now in the same category - rare & special.


**Saturday 25th of November**
**4 pm
Food from "Herz & Schnauze"**
Once again the super lovely duo will drive there wonderful wagon into the yard and serve Moroccan Vegetable Curry with flatbread (vegan style).

**5 pm
Last tour(s) through the exhibition **
will be offered by the Fotodoks team - expected is infotainment in between 61 to 91 minutes.

**8 pm
Short Performative Reading and a record set from photogenic Andreas Neumeister. **
He will present a bite of his wonderful book 'Könnte Köln sein' and it will be read in German. Neumeister takes us on a cruise via photographer Larry Sultan to the West Coast.

**9 pm
A concert by Jordan Prince (US)**
Jordan was born in the same town as Elvis Presley: Tupelo Mississippi, USA. After years in New Orleans he brought his guitar and his American Folk music to Munich and plays a live set at Lothringer13 Halle.

The Halle will close at 11 pm, but just for a few hours:

**Sunday, November 26th**
the last day of the exhibition, we have a final highlight and gather for a collective cinema ceremony, a matinee screening for the probably most influential and unique photographer in the USA:

**11.30 am: „Don't Blink – Robert Frank“ **, a 2015 documentary movie about and with Robert Frank. Filmmaker and friend Laura Israel followed the now 93 year old/young Robert Frank and talked with him about his rollercoaster life and his energetic photo and movie works.

That last weekend will be a good chance to see the ME:WE exhibition with a fresh eye or once again or a third time. And the full crew of Fotodoks will be around for questions, critiques or credit.